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About us
the company behind Geodressing

We are the Pietruska Verlag und Geo-Datenbanken GmbH and have been dedicated to cartography for more than 35 years.

Our main aim is to create and maintain maps for companies and communities, that are carefully focused on their individual needs. We've long applied modern technologies, paired with experience and traditional knowledge, to our work. Today, we offer you some of it on

Additionally we are also active as a publisher. Our map series, known under the label Top-Stern-Karten, are designed to accompany hikers and cyclers on their trips. Topographic maps from the entire south western and north eastern German regions are successfully distributed through the discerning bookseller. Through our publishing activities and our tight network of editors, we've also become an active driver in regional marketing and development of city information systems.

For more information about us, and our online shop, please visit our companies website